This salve contains some of the best topical pain relievers on this planet! Give your body a break from chronic pain with this topical salve, targeting the problem right where it hurts.

Soul Deep Pain Relief Salve

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    High CBD Full Spectrum Oil
    is an anti-inflammatory CBD rich derivative of Hemp that is studied for its affect on headaches, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and more.

    High CBG Full Spectrum Oil
    is a CBG rich derivative from Hemp that is being studied for its breakthrough pain relieving affect on nerve pain and more.

    is made by extracting resin from the South American Copiaba tree and refining it into an oil. This extract has been used for thousands of years for its vast health benefits, including significant topical pain relief.

    is a tropical evergreen related to the coffee plant and has been used by those indigenous to its South East Asian home for thousands of years for its topical pain relieving effects. Given the whole host of helpful alkaloids and other natural chemical compounds found in this ancient herbal remedy, it should come as no surprise that kratom has a long list of potential benefits and more are regularly being uncovered.


    *This product contains 0.3% or less THC






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