Did you know the finger-like cavities that make up your nasal system can host and become breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses?
Quicksilver Nasal Spray with Structured SIlver to the rescue! 

A soft spray of Structured Silver particles after a long flight, a music festival, or a crowded business conference may be just what you need to support your body's natural defenses!

Getting this nasal spray into your nasal passages can support the elimination of harmful pathogens right where they like to hide. 

Quicksilver- A Structured Silver Nasal Spray

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    Structured Silver 
    is even more absorbable + effective than Colloidal Silver and is being studied for its strong anti-bacterial and antiviral properties

    THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COLLOIDAL SILVER AND STRUCTURED SILVER: Structured Silver is much more effective than Colloidal Silver or Silver Hydrosol. To put it simply, Colloidal Silver uses one particle, whereas Structured Silver contains several particles bonded together for the highest efficacy. Studies suggest that Structured Silver works as an antibacterial modulator, preventing an overgrowth of bacteria and while allowing your body to maintain a healthy, balanced Gut Biome. 


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