Frontline Herbalism provides direct support for BIPOC seeking plant medicine for healing. 

Nectar of the Goddess was born at a time of recovery. After the peaceful pipeline protests at Standing Rock, we began sending the herbal healing support that was helping Kat recover her body, mind, and spirit to support the elders and other survivors of the chemical and physical warfare that was ongoing through this peaceful occupation of Native owned land. 

This kind of herbally informed resistance has always been what we believe in, but now we recognize our need to receive support for the mission and the need for BIPOC to have more direct access to these resources.

This is where Frontline Herbalism comes into play! 


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visit us on instagram @frontlineherbalism and shoot us a DM with your requests

For any products needed or desired that we do not offer (see our offerings below!)
we will be sourcing directly from BIPOC owned herbalist shops, apothecaries,
and healers and purchasing the requested items at retail price to be directly shipped to your door. 


Lion's Mane Extract - Brain + Body Balance Tincture
Uses: support for PTSD, generalized anxiety, and depression, provides mental clarity, and increases the bioavailablity of cannabinoids and other vitamins, minerals + nutrients

Hemp Oil - Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Natural/Tangerine/Peppermint
Uses: support for pain, ptsd, acute and generalized anxiety/panic disorder, muscle spasms,                        inflammation, headaches, and general bodily function support through activating the endocannabinoid system 

Soul Deep Pain Relief Salve - Full Spectrum CBD // CBG, Copaiba, Kratom Pain Salve
Uses: relief for muscle pain + stiffness, joint pain and soreness

Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls - Full Spectrum CBD Pre-rolls
Uses: relaxation, support for anxiety, pain, mental fog, PTSD, inability to focus

Immuni-Tea - Immune + Detox Support Tea (w. one reuseable tea bag)
supports relaxation, gentle detox, balanced immune system, and gut health

Every little bit you can give makes a difference!


For too long lives, land, access to opportunities, and basic humxn rights have been taken from BIPOC by the machine of colonization, which has been perpetuated by white people too comfortable to see outside of our experiential lens and challenge the systems of cultural racism. 
None of us made the choice to be born into a racist world, but every day we don't work to dismantle the systems of oppression, we are supporting them with our complacency. 

We have to make a change. BIG change.

The time to listen to BIPOC and give back in every way is NOW.


Taking the time to slow down and replenish vitamins and minerals that stress steals from our bodies, is a radical form of resistance in a system that attempts to keep BIPOC stuck in survival mode.

By supporting this mission you are honoring the immense value and power of self care,
mental health, and physical wellbeing- all of which allows space for the creation of a new world to take form.

Creating relationships with plant (+ fungi!) allies used by ancestors who lived close with the earth serves to restore energetic fields, calm nervous systems, and foster space for the healing to begin.

This is a revolution in and of itself.

After all, when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

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