This powerful Gut Tonic is for daily consumption to fortify your body with trace and essential minerals, and our exceptional proprietary Probiotic Blend.

Bi-OHM Gut Fortifying Tonic

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    Humic + Fulvic
    are an activated ancient bio carbons that have been studied for their profound abilitiies to improve bodily system function by providing essential minerals, supporting cellular protection + rejuvenation, maintaining metobolic balance, fortifying the Gut and GI tract, reducing oxidative stress, and cleansing out toxins throughout the Gut.

    are an important component when looking to heal the Gut. And because 70%-80% of our immune system cells are located in the Gut, having a healthy Gut Biome, filled with beneficial bacterias like what is found in our highly bioavailable Probiotic Blend, is shown to greatly improve your immune system, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and protect you against harmful pathogens.

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