Our Revolution

HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL. 💘 It’s 2021, things are wild already, and we are over here doing our best to keep the consciousness revolution grooving. A friend of mine texted yesterday and said...

And... wow, yeah... the past few day's events weren't on my vision board either tbh! The world is going through a massive shift, but why can't it just begin to flow into something better? Does it all *have* to fall apart? This got me thinking, why do I feel like I know the perfect path toward our Ideal Future™?

All of this is clearly still coming up to be purged out of our collective experience.

⚡️Reminder: Revolutions are messy, and nonlinear. So as I observed and reacted to everything going on in our external world, I realized this same lesson applies internally. Why do I feel like I know the perfect path toward my Ideal Future? All of my shit comes up to be purged out of my experience.

It isn't simple to heal complex and traumatic life experiences, or to address the brainwashing that comes with being raised in a culture that promotes white supremacy and disconnection from the divine in all of us... But I’m realizing that all of the "mistakes" we make while facing these darkers parts of ourselves are simply a part of the multi-layered purge.

🧘 We have to remember that inner revolutions are messy and nonlinear, too. Every single messy step is a messy step you needed. Every single time you fuck up, your angels/guides/inner wisdom/whatever you like to call it is like "YES PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR THIS CONVERSATION WE'VE BEEN MEANING TO HAVE WITH YOU!" And they promptly begin to lovingly nudge you in the direction of stepping into your personal power and setting yourself free from your limitations.

You have the ability to control your experience. 10% of life is what happens, 90% of life is how we respond to it.

Need support with this? Us too.

One major way that I harness the control I have over my experience is with the guidance of Plant Medicine.

And now ladies, gentlemen, and every gorgeous being existing outside of that binary, may I present a window into my ~*new*~ daily routine, which is obviously Kat's daily routine too because we is a group. This is our personal revolution.

8:00am 🌚 Bi-Ohm to safely cleanse out the build up of toxins that accumulates in the body overnight.

9:00am 🌹 Cacao Lift b/c chocolate for breakfast is important & with this mushroom blend it is SO. GOOD. FOR. YOU. 2:00pm 🌿 Matcha Mind for a quick boost to keep the day rolling and keep my mind sharp and anxiety low 8:00pm 🌞 Golden Goddess after dinner as a treat to our bodies and ourselves after a having a dayyyyyy Oh, and Hemp Pre-rolls for any needed acute anxiety relief!

Now I'm going to give you a lil breakdown of why these new offerings made it to our store to share with you!

The Cacao Lift includes our cell restoring Sooper Shroom, our 14 medicinal mushroom blend that includes carefully grown and sourced whole mushrooms that all have INCREDIBLE health benefits, and the ceremonial Cacao adds a host of its own benefits including increased brain function, mood boosting magic, and a balanced energy boost.

Cacao Lift Matcha Mind comes next and that’s green tea magic with concentrated Lion’s Mane Mushroom infused! This I usually make in a latte form, but sometimes I put it in a fruit smoothie! The energizing nature of Matcha Green Tea, a traditional medicinal and ceremonial tea in China (and in the last 800 years or so in Japan) compliments the brain boosting, focus enhancing benefits of Lion’s Mane. The Lion’s Mane Mushroom also supports your gut health, offers anxiety and depression relief, and supports you body's ability to absorb the antioxidants and free radical preventative benefits that the Matcha Tea offers.

Matcha Mind

And finally, the chill out ritual of Golden Goddess!

I warm up some water (or coconut milk if I want to get sassy) and then blend four scoops in with a latte wand. I almost instantly I feel the relaxation set in.

Ashwagandha is in the mix. It is an adaptogen traditionally from Africa and India. It has been used by healers in these regions for countless years. Ashwagandha gives our bodies a profound opportunity to balance our adrenals, which manage our stress and cortisol levels. When we feel nervous, scared, stressed… all of that is cortisol being released into our bodies. That’s the “I think a tiger is stalking me” energy that we don’t need in our lives!!!!

And then, of course, there are the medicinal benefits of our carefully sourced Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Ginger. This is seriously such a beautiful and calming bevvvv.

Golden Goddess

✨And of course, like nothing else we have seen on the market, all of our powders include our ever-magical Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to directly address all internal systems that sciences has connected to cannabinoid receptors (immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and more).✨

I say all of this to you because we are serious when we say that each product we offer is something we have found so supportive to our own growth and healing that it became a goal to figure out how to offer it to all of y'all. We hope you’re doing great out there. We hope you’re able to love yourself and others through the radical transformative, and sometimes dark, moments of revolution.

Remember what Ram Dass shared with us… “The revolution begins in each individual human heart.” ♥️

“Every time you remember God [as you perceive It to be], you brighten your life. And that is what you are doing for your fellow human being. Everything you touch is lightened and enlightened by you. Such a nice game.” -Ram Dass **Stay tuned for an in depth look at the cultures that brought these medicines to the rest of the world- how they used them then, how they use them now, and how Fair Trade + sustainably sourced ingredients can help to preserve their autonomy.** So much love to you,


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