Our Revolution

HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL. 💘 It’s 2021, things are wild already, and we are over here doing our best to keep the consciousness revolution grooving. A friend of mine texted yesterday and said...

And... wow, yeah... the past few day's events weren't on my vision board either tbh! The world is going through a massive shift, but why can't it just begin to flow into something better? Does it all *have* to fall apart? This got me thinking, why do I feel like I know the perfect path toward our Ideal Future™?

All of this is clearly still coming up to be purged out of our collective experience.

⚡️Reminder: Revolutions are messy, and nonlinear. So as I observed and reacted to everything going on in our external world, I realized this same lesson applies internally. Why do I feel like I know the perfect path toward my Ideal Future? All of my shit comes up to be purged out of my experience.

It isn't simple to heal complex and traumatic life experiences, or to address the brainwashing that comes with being raised in a culture that promotes white supremacy and disconnection from the divine in all of us... But I’m realizing that all of the "mistakes" we make while facing these darkers parts of ourselves are simply a part of the multi-layered purge.

🧘 We have to remember that inner revolutions are messy and nonlinear, too. Every single messy step is a messy step you needed. Every single time you fuck up, your angels/guides/inner wisdom/whatever you like to call it is like "YES PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR THIS CONVERSATION WE'VE BEEN MEANING TO HAVE WITH YOU!" And they promptly begin to lovingly nudge you in the direction of stepping into your personal power and setting yourself free from your limitations.

You have the ability to control your experience. 10% of life is what happens, 90% of life is how we respond to it.

Need support with this? Us too.