How My Healing Journey Became an Act of Resilience

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

by Kat Bagley Founder and CEO, Nectar of the Goddess

In 2017 I was really sick and carrying a lot of trauma from life, my time at Standing Rock and the level I allowed the 2016 election to affect me, and I went into a social justice warrior spiral- rooted in anger, fear and scarcity. I have come to realize this approach tends to covertly exploit those we think we are fighting for.

I’ve made many mistakes on this journey of growth and expansion but my commitment to being an intentional steward of this earth and a trusted healer is not one of them.

Hank and Kat when N.O.T.G. was just a sparkle in her eye

Photo by the incredibly talented Maria Levitov (@marialevitov)

As an herbalist and alchemist, regenerative farmer and up-cycler, I also have wanted to be seen as a liberator and not a colonizer. Turns out, we all have to free ourselves in our minds and bodies and accept who we are first, or commit to changing.

Healers offer tools to people, it is the people who choose what to do with those tools and it is every person’s own choice to break down blocks.

We all exist in a world overflowing with ancestral pain and atrocities but we do have these choices. We can make therapy a priority, and read books about the unjust nature of the systems we live under, we can spread more platonic love, we can protect the children and show them that some people are breaking these cycles together.

We can do all these things AND not forget history, AND who’s land we are on, AND heal ourselves to heal the world.

We can listen. We can cry. We can Zoom and stay connected no matter what. Some of us will still march while some of us need to build the new foundation of the world we are being handed brick by brick, even if we are told it cannot be done. This is the end of the old world, not the planet. This is our time to finally upgrade humanity to its utmost potential.

Kat + MT in 2017 after deciding to forge this path of healing offerings together Photo: Made by Roman

I’m grateful that my decision to quit working for others happened in 2017 when I was in a really dark place. It was so autopilot that I didn’t even realize what was happening at the time.

Pulling out my herbalism books and digging in to help myself crawl out of that hole with natural plant allies that I did have control over formulating, forever changed my life.

I didn’t really have any money to start a business because I also didn’t really have the money to be going around and buying all kinds of herbal medicines to try out but somehow I made it work. And it kept working.

A few months later I was getting my brain back in my head and my wonderful partner Mary Taylor, at a crossroads in career paths, decided to take the leap and jump in as well.

And Nectar of the Goddess was born!

The O.G. packaging from 2017

We have scrapped and saved and have been perhaps too stubborn at times in our refusal to waive our standards. The organic quality down to the seeds that grow the plants that go into what we provide in product form from our apothecary isn’t negotiable. It has cost us big to still be here. Literally the two of us, still chugging along after being shut down 12 times by merchant processors, Etsy, EBay, PayPal- you name it.

But this is not a story of hardship. This is a story of believing in a better, more interconnected world at all costs. And we are still here.

An Indigenous elder harvesting Bear Root (Osha) in the La Plata Mountains that he later gifted for our Immuni-Tea blend

We have lost a lot of customers over the past few years during the hard times despite unconventional selling strategies when we were not able to take your credit/debit card for a transaction and we are feeling pretty confident that we can win you back if you give us a chance.

Every sale is a win. It means the world to us. It means we can continue formulating and learning and expanding our offerings. We celebrate Every. Single. One.

Thankfully, since we have partnered with Square Payments, this has no longer been an issue for almost a year now! *collective sigh of relief*

I encourage you to join our email list, and to perhaps sign up for notifications on our social platforms so that you will be first to know when we come out with new content. We have been a bit quiet, kind of our own time in a chrysalis to become goo and come out bright and vibrant once more.

It is our commitment to you to share more about our ethos, our new Chief Medical Officer hailing from Mayo Clinic, our obsession with functional medicine and quantum healing techniques and our belief that basic needs and wellness are inherent human rights.

The gifted Dr. Catherine Willner. Functional medicine practitioner, Mayo Clinic trained Neurologist, pain management specialist, and our Chief Medical Officer

I want you to know that you are loved, you are made in the image of Creator and are perfectly imperfect

I want you to know that your body was built to heal itself and our little company is here to support everything that is you, no matter what part of your journey you are in.

We offer scheduled consultations, custom protocols, plant medicines rooted in Ayurvedic, Chinese, and global indigenous healing practices meant for our bodies to consume and tested by time, as well as science. We may have started out just selling our original Full Spectrum Hemp Oil but we have grown so much in our practice since then and the main thing missing was based on our fear that if we share too much, they will shut us down... AGAIN.

We are no longer afraid.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for supporting our small,

two-woman-team intentional business.

We love you!

In gratitude,


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