asked questions



How much should I take?

Perhaps the most important question!

Start with 5-10 drops under your tongue. It is likely you won't feel any change from this kind of dose. If you do, then you know you're a part of the small percentage of folx that will need to adapt over time and start by taking smaller than average doses.

On the other end of the spectrum there are people seeking relief for more severe symptoms. Most studies on CBD (though in studies they're using a less effective "isolate" form) have the patients taking 300mg-600mg three times a day. This translates to taking around 2-6 droppers full three times a day.

And then there's the in between of 1-2 droppers at a time, at least once a day, and as often as you want to throughout the day.

No matter your personal dose, putting it under your tongue and letting it sit for at least 30 seconds allows it to absorb through the capillaries, giving a much faster result. Wait 15 minutes, see how you're feeling, and take more as you see fit. 

Listen to your body. Listen to your symptoms. And most importantly, keep taking *some* every day in order to keep your Endocannabinoid system active.

Why don't your Cannabinoid Oil
products have milligrams listed?

The FDA is rolling out new regulations and because of this, we have to be careful how we market our products. In order to continue to be considered a whole plant herbal extract, we cannot list milligrams on our labels or in our marketing. That being said, I assure you that our products are HIGH potency Hemp products with a higher than average cannabinoid count. Our Hemp Oil is our original high CBD flower formulation, and our CBD + CBG Oil is a new formulation that incorporates high CBD and high CBG flower, effectively activating more cannabinoid receptors in your body. 




What is the difference between Hemp derived
Isolate/Broad Spectrum/Full Spectrum
products and why should I care?


Great question. 

Isolate from Hemp is simply a singular molecule. Whether it is CBG, CBD, THC, or any cannabinoid under the sun. It should be noted that there are laboratories questioning it's shelf life, since many products claiming CBD Isolate content are testing after a few months as having ZERO CBD. Shocking, I know. There is still a lot for this market to learn. Isolates aren't ideal, though I would say it is better than not consuming CBD at all, just be careful to source it mindfully, as it can have residual solvents from the extraction process. 

Broad Spectrum is an extraction process using solvents (so being careful about sourcing is important here too) to extract all of the cannabinoids naturally occurring in the hemp, and then all of the cannabinoids *OTHER THAN THE THC* are added back together, creating an extract that is more inclusive than an isolate. 

Full Spectrum (THIS IS HOW WE MAKE OUR OILS!) is an extraction method that keeps all of the cannabinoids and terpenes together to create what is often referred to as an Entourage Effect. This is because there are studies suggesting that keeping the extract as close to the way the plant grew from the earth yields the highest quality results. Full Spectrum products must remain at or below .3% THC in the US. 

Our products are all federally legal Full Spectrum Hemp Products.