About Us

Hi, Kat + Mary Taylor here!

We founded Nectar of the Goddess with the vision to bring
ancient remedies back into the hands of the people.

Kat has been an advocate for the many uses of hemp
and herbal remedies for almost two decades.

When we met each other in New York City in 2013, we quickly fell in love
and began the journey of bringing life to our shared vision of impacting
the world with sustainable, holistic approaches to hemp,
herbal remedies, and beyond.

Nectar of the Goddess was born in 2016 to shake up the then burgeoning
CBD industry with whole plant extracts that are accessible, crystal charged,
and created from seed to shelf with loving intention.

With Nectar of the Goddess, we aim to emphasize the impact the plant
+ fungi world can have on the health of our bodies, and our planet.

A big part of that essential framework is prioritizing the co-creation of
viable solutions with and for marginalized communities,
especially our First Nations.

Change starts with beginning to place value in the unparalleled healing
that takes place when we learn to utilize and
respect the medicine that grows from this earth.

After all, when we heal ourselves, we are healing the world.


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