There is a major shift happening in our world right now. 
And as the distance grows between us physically,
our communities have jumped into action,
finding creative ways to support each other in an unprecedented time. 
Community Care includes doing what you can to support
everyone's access to health and wellness. 
And because giving back has always been a part of our model at
Nectar of the Goddess, we’re switching over to a “Pay What You Can”
pricing model for the time being.


Use the discount you need to bring home some Bio-Armor Immune Support 
or pay it forward and send a gift of a balanced body and mind to a friend.

If you have the means, consider not using a code at all and know that you're
directly supporting our ability to continue this heart centered mission.

Maybe you need some Hemp Oil to help you breathe into your anxiety and love yourself through it, or our Bi-Ohm to give your family the immune support they need through fortifying gut health, or the Sooper Shroom Cellular Restore for a full body health reset. 
Below you’ll find coupon codes for 5% to 25% off:

We will be uploading more full body health
and wellness offerings as often as we can! 



Need a bigger discount?
Send us an email letting us know what products you want and what you can afford to pay. Please respect that we're a small (but mighty!) team of two womxn trying to survive the same challenges and stay afloat right now, but with this model, every person that pays
full price opens a door for someone who can't pay the same. 

 Is there something else we can do to help? Interested in a group/bulk order
Reach out and let us know! We are open to bartering. Got some TP?


We want to be here for you, because you’ve always been there for us.

Now let’s stay safe, stay home, value the well-being of others as much as our own, and spread as much happiness and kindness as we possibly can.


Infinite Love,
Kat + MT 
Nectar of the Goddess


we would like to warmly invite you into the world of plant allies

you are cultivating a closer connection to the earth

nurturing your mind, body, and soul

you are the alchemist

crystal charged + consciously cultivated


we are here for you

Portland, Oregon

Botanic Illustrator

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